Hydra Balm 50ml

Hydra Balm 50ml

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Multi-functional balm to hydrate, heal and regenerate skin.



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A multi-functional ointment ideal for treating symptoms associated with severely dry skin while improving overall hydration. This soothing balm forms a protective barrier on the skin allowing it to heal and regenerate, while also providing relief from itching and irritations. Uniquely formulated to help lock in moisture, this balm maintains skin’s hydration levels longer than normal moisturisers.

  • Proven emollients deeply hydrate skin
  • Pharmaceutical grade petrolatum provides an occlusive barrier over vulnerable skin
  • Squalene and aloe heal and soothe skin, providing relief to dry and itchy skin


Key ingredients

  • Petrolatum – Softens and smoothes skin, while forming a film on the skin’s surface to prevent moisture loss and protect against irritation; permeates throughout the corneum layer, allowing normal barrier recovery.
  • Squalane – A moisturiser and lubricant compatible with skin lips (human sebum is comprised of 25% squalane), membranes, and lipoproteins
  • Aloe barbadensis extract – This botanical extract is anti-inflammatory and has effective wound healing properties; widely recognised for its moisturising ability


How to use

Liberally apply a layer to severely dry areas such as lips, elbows, hands, or feet. For targeting hydration, apply a light coating on hands or feet in the evening; cover with socks or gloves and leave overnight.