Cosmelan & Dermamelan

At Shepparton Skin Clinic we are proud to provide the world's number one treatment for pigmentation.

Whether it’s due to sun exposure or an imbalance in hormones, pigmentation can affect a person’s confidence.

The Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatment offered at Shepparton Skin Clinic is a two-phase intensive treatment program involving the application of a highly potent de-pigmentating mask. This is applied at the clinic and is left on the skin for up to 8-12 hours dependent on skin type and severity of pigmentation.

These treatments work by decreasing the skin’s melanin production by inhibition of the enzyme tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Several of the substances present in the Cosmelan/Dermamelan formula act by blocking this enzyme, or even by inverting the metabolic process of the transformation chain. This results in pigment being bought to the surface and then sloughed away to reveal a brighter and more even complexion.

Downtime can vary, and homecare will be provided on the day of your treatment.

The second treatment phase is an at-home maintenance cream that should be applied twice daily to enhance the effects of the mask.

This safe and non-invasive procedure treats the source of pigment formation to deliver a rapidly clearer, brighter and more clarified complexion.

Cosmelan & Dermamelan can be used for many indications including:

Benefits of Cosmelan & Dermamelan compared to other Pigmentation treatments:

As a topical lightening and brightening procedure, Cosmelan & Dermamelan is safe to use on all skin types including Asian and Indian skins which often have significant pigmentation that cannot be treated safety with other methods such as IPL or Laser. It can be used in patients whose pigmentation has not responded to other types of treatments. 

We also stock the Cosmelan & Dermamelan 2 Maintenance Cream  which helps to maintain the results of your clinical treatment. Some patients with mild pigmentation may get the desired result from simply using the Dermamelan or Cosmelan maintenance cream alone.


Cosmelan – the number one most effective whitening therapy, comparing to other depigmentation treatments currently available on the market.

Dermamelan – is the Cosmelan successor yet containing higher concentration of the active ingredients and therefore, it is effective for pigmentation that has failed to resolve after traditional skin lightening products. This is a Medical grade treatment is performed by our Doctor only. 

Cosmelan & Dermamelan works to fade the appearance of existing pigmentation whilst sedating the formation of future excess production. The active cosmeceutical ingredients are effective yet gentle to ensure comfortable and successful results. The treatment may be performed during any time of the year including throughout the summer.

Cosmelan & Dermamelan do not contain any aggressive hydroquinone or bleaching agents. The cream is further enhanced with mineral-sourced titanium dioxide to promote broad-spectrum protection against ultra violet radiation.

Used as part of a clinic and at-home action plan, Cosmelan & Dermamelan can work fast and effectively to deliver exciting results even after one procedure.

The majority of patients experience a significant improvement after just one treatment. However longer term results are dependent on strict home care as well as continued avoidance of sun exposure, triggers for the melasma and daily use of broad spectrum SPF.

It is important to remember that hormonal pigmentation (melasma) is a chronic condition with no cure. Cosmelan & Dermamelan can control the condition provided triggers and exacerbating factors are avoided by the patient.

Once the mask has been removed at home you may simply go about your normal activities at home. It may be necessary to take time off work and not plan any social events in the few days following the Cosmelan/Dermamelan treatment. Your skin will begin to peel and flake off and may feel very tight and dry.

The dryness is generally more evident around the mouth and eyes. Despite the feeling of discomfort, tightness and visible peeling skin it is extremely important not to pick or peel at your skin as this may damage the healthy new skin  

underneath. Strict adherence to the home maintenance program at this time is essential.
All the necessary steps will be explained by our Doctor & Skin Technicians.
We always review patients during their Cosmelan Dermamelan journey.

The results of the treatment become evidence by about 10-14 days with visibly clearer and brighter skin. Ongoing improvement in the skin can be seen over the next month.

Cosmelan & Dermamelan is a very safe treatment. There are certain situations where the treatment cannot be performed however this will be discussed at length during your consultation with our Doctor and Skin Technician. 

Cosmelan & Dermamelan cannot be performed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have taken a course of prescription acne medications in the last 12 months, have any active infection or open wounds, have active herpes simplex (cold sores,), have been sunburnt recently, have allergies to aspirin or Salicylates, are prone to keloid scarring or have had any cosmetic treatment including laser/IPL/peels/injectables in the past 2 weeks.

We also ask patients to avoid any active ingredients in their skin care for the week prior to the treatment. It is important that the full treatment regime be completed in its entirety and no other treatments may be performed during the treatment regime.


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