Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy is a tightening treatment mask designed to work with your circulatory system - an often overlooked, but vital component of optimal skin health.

This organ system is responsible for removing waste via our lymphatics, and nourishing our cells and tissues via our blood supply.

These systems always work together, taking and giving, maintaining homeostasis. The circulatory system plays a key role in a holistic approach to skin health. When our blood circulates around our body it provides nutrients (such as amino acids), water and oxygen to our cells and tissues.

However during the capillary fluid exchange (where water, amino acids, and oxygen cross the capillary wall into the extracellular fluid), fluids don’t travel very far into the surrounding tissue, and even less when there are roadblocks. Which is why there needs to be a ‘clear road’, free from debris, so that these nutrients can get to their target. This is why lymphatic drainage is important to the health of your skin!

It’s not only what goes into the body, it’s what goes into the cell. Just because you have oxygen, nutrients and water in your body, that doesn’t mean they are reaching the cell. You need supply AND you need drainage before supply. Lymphatic Therapy works by applying transient pressure to the skin to assist with activating these processes, creating a clean environment for cells to flourish in and feeding the cells fresh oxygenated and nutrient rich blood.

Lymphatic Therapy is indicated for maintaining skin health, as part of a skin health pathway, or as pre and post support to advanced skin rejuvenation – creating a healthy responsive skin, and assisting with healing and recovery.

Level 1 Lymphatic

Happy, healthy skin requires vitamins, amino acids, and proteins – all of which you’ll get from our Level 1 Lymphatic Facial – tailored to your skin concerns. This is the perfect treatment if you have never had an advanced skin treatment before, your skin needs of some love or you are in between advanced treatments and looking for some extra nourishment. Includes extractions if necessary.

Level 2 Lymphatic

Step it up a notch and give your skin an amazing base with a Skin Peel before the magic of Lymphatic Therapy begins

Level 3 Lymphatic

Combining the amazing Epidermal Levelling an integral part of all skincare routines as it provides the following benefits:

Add a Healite LED Therapy session for only an extra $30


This treatment for those that suffer from: 

  • Acne and Congestion
  • Pigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Premature Ageing and Sun Damage
  • Scarring, Stretchmarks and Cellulite
  • Glowing skin
  • Even Skin Tone (Smoother)
  • Minimising acne & congestion
  • Firmer & Tighter
  • More Hydrated (Plump)
  • Reduced Fine Lines